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hahaha my 3d printer arrived at my parents' place this afternoon (Mom proceeded to send me pictures of my dog attempting to open the box)

and I've been SO HYPE about this thing all week that I had a fifteen minute discussion with the VP at work about all the cool things I want to do with it yesterday

but i have to wait until tomorrow to get the damn thing because i didn't drive to work today and i will be too damn tired to get in the car and drive for an hour just to go pick it up by the time I get home tonight

imma download some patterns to play with when i get home tho. I AM SO HAPPY
I don't like them. I decided a number of months ago that I would no longer participate in any raffle that required advertisement of the raffle as part of it's rules; that being the common rule of "you have to create a poll or journal about this raffle to enter!" Sometimes a completely new advertisement is required, some times you have to link it back to the raffle creator as proof.

And y'know what? If that's what you gotta do to get people involved, that's what you gotta do. I just don't want to participate in them anymore, and I would appreciate if people would stop tagging me in them. Thanks.
If the whole Combination Senshi thing wasn't a hint that I'm trying to cut down on the characters and adopts I own, here's the big For Sale Sign.
List includes: NebNom, SnapTrap, Astro-flare, Astroline, Ridgedragon, and Maildog. 
Once I find purchase prices and confirm with TOS pages it may also include: Wish Fox, Soulfox, a Yujuki one-off, Peredaisha, two Pasemis, Mnemoslyn, Stanic, and Nebunine.

I am not accepting "feral" characters in trade. Preference is for humanoids with a current leaning towards Lockette, Faebell, Kipitin, or Blindlace. 

Maildog: Dreamy Letter (last one)
Maildog Adoptables - Auction - 1/3 OPEN by Fucal 
Paid: 300 points. will accept trades or points.

Ridgedragon: #6
closed by civett
Paid: $10 USD. will accept trades or money

Astraline: Blue Moon
Astraline Adopts 2 - #1 OPEN!! by Koiley
Paid: $15 USD. will accept trades or money

Astro-flare: #3

Paid: $20 USD. will accept trades or money

SnapTrap: Painted Tiger (Semi-Custom)
Hooded: 021 by Snap-Trap
Paid: $60 USD. Money preferred. Trade of equal value may be accepted


NebularNomad: Good Will (2015 Advent Calendar)
Good Will by NebNomMothership
Paid: $250 USD. Money preferred. Trade of equal value may be accepted
Start Time: 1:48pm MST
End Time:  3:39pm MST

Currently working on: commissions


Current Stream:

I have a microphone now, but it's muted while there's no one else in stream me. 
...where I started a Patreon.

Since I don't feel comfortable sharing my sketches and doodles on dA or tumblr, they'll be found on the Patreon at the $1/month tier. I am at work right now, so there's not much there, but I'll be doing uploads for it when I get home and actually have access to my digital sketchpads. And make a proper header image. I should definitely do that, too. 

Prompts from last week should be posted this weekend. I got a little distracted by the Stormblood early access, and only worked on them during the periods I was stuck in queue. Lot of start-and-stop there!
I have been in a... pretty sour mood of late. A large part of this can be attributed to a replay of the bullshit with Tesehxirti from 2007 in an off-dA rp group: I had to essentially rebuild an entire character from scratch because one of the mods wanted her powers. I worked it out with Tese, but I didn't have six weeks of daily interactions with Tese prior to that happening. 

I am sick and tired of working on plot stuff for characters. 
I am sick and tired of my plot ideas getting tossed aside. 
I am sick and tired of wondering if I'll have to change something I drew because of a "plot" change.

I just want to be able to draw something without bursting into tears.


Anyone got some fluffy prompts that don't require me to think very hard about the hows and whys the character is doing something? Because I could use them right about now. 

(and yes, I know it's been ten years. I'm still bitter over Tese. I will never stop being bitter over Tese.)

edit: please don't suggest doing quest/event/task stuff for CA or CS. I tried that. There were tears.
Start Time: 11:27am MST
End Time: 3:31pm  MST

Currently working on: Realism...??
A challenge has been issued by one of the art discord servers I'm on, so let's see if I can do digital realism! Come join me as I inevitably fail ;p


Current Stream:

There is no sound or microphone, sorry. 
Hey whoa, what happened to April?

Well, actually life in brickspace got  little crazy for a variety of reasons (not all of them particularly good reasons) in April, and it looks like May is gearing up to be more of the same.

I'm working my way through a handful of edits for one of the first sections of the song, using some of the things I learned during that brief attempt to enter one of Adobe's contests. I bombed hard in the contest, but did learn stuff so I figure I came out even for the amount of time I wasted on it.

Just about gave myself a heart attack when I booted up the file this afternoon, though. I was getting "can't find media" errors when I haven't moved or deleted anything and-- 

--and I'd just dropped a filter straight from the zip file into the tracks last time without saving it somewhere it wouldn't get deleted once it was done. And of course it has that lovely generic name of "2", so I had to go on a bit of a hunt.

Good times.
Hahahaha haha... ha...

I could have sworn when I looked at the clock five minutes ago, it was only 10:30pm.

Except that was apparently three and a half hours ago. I have spent three hours working on a four second stretch of video, and it still looks off to me. Uuuuugh. 

Well anyways, I'm on five day weeks at work right now, which means I don't have that extra day in there to spend hunched over my tablet, so I guess I'm doing late night editing and arting for awhile. Should be... entertaining, if not entirely productive :3
Favdialoguebox by rennegades

With how many times I've gotten this dialogue box this weekend I'm starting to think it wants to be in the MEP too.

I went a little crazy with downloading fonts and redid a bunch of the lyric sections. I also reblocked the entire credit sequence, which means the next step is actually putting images into it and then transitions between images and making sure everything flows right and...

haha man, I'd forgotten how fun this could be (when it's not crashing on me)! and having this massive screen to work on instead of trying to fit everything into 17" square is fantastic. 

I was thinking about doing a stream tomorrow where I could show off what I have. It's mostly just blocking and lyrics so I can't really say it'll be exciting to see, but hey. It's something!
Rules: Tag 8 people you want to get to know better! 
Every time I think of someone to tag, I look at one of the other posts for this meme and they've already been tagged. So what the hell, Wazy you're up. Let's tag Wazy's husband too; I'm too lazy to look up his username right now, so that's a thing. 

JKDreamer did the tagging on me


Sammi Leigh, Li, Renne

Star Sign:
Scourge Sister
That is to say: I'm Libra/Scorpio Cusp homestuck trash Ox

Average hours of sleep:
I aim for seven. I usually get five or six depending on how many times I'm woken up either by neighbours or Rinoa.

Lucky numbers:

Last thing I Googled:
Vriska Serket

When I made this account and why:
July 2003. One of the ladies I knew in the Alberta cosplay community had started an account to post her stuff. I made one to keep track of her stuff. She hasn't posted since 2005.

My first upload:
Foot tattoos by rennegades
I'm honestly surprised it's not in storage. I did have to save and reupload the image for it so this thumbnail would work though. 

Amount of watchers:


What I post:
Things that I draw or things that I take pictures of. Frequently pictures of things that I draw.

Blog posts:
I mostly do polls because they amuse me. If it's an actual post it's probably an update on a project or letting folk know my stream is online.

Do I get a lot of comments:
No. I'm terrible at responding to things, so I'm not surprised.

Why I chose this username:
something something something chun li something xiang something. Look the first time I went by li xiang was 2001. I don't remember what I was thinking sixteen years ago.
So I have this ancient acer monitor (a 17" square monitor from 2009), and it's been having a few issues. Issues like blinking out for a minute here or a minute there. Makes it a bit difficult to edit on and I don't use my tablet for editing. There just isn't enough space on that 12" screen.

I bought a new monitor today: this 32" monster

I don't have it right now, as it was out of stock in the store, but it will be shipped to my parents' place on Tuesday (I really should start shipping things to my house, but that would require me remembering my postal/zip code, because haha google maps has it wrong)

God I'm so excited to be working on that thing. It's the same size as my tv! Heh I'm going to have to rearrange my desk again...

That said, I need to recoup some of the loss of buying a new monitor. I'm opening 3 Lineless Character Card slots at [moneys] each

Character Card: Canes Venatici by rennegades Character Card: Benitoite Glacier Bear by rennegades H1N1 Card by rennegades Character Card: Sailor Lynx by rennegades Character Card: Alpha Orionis by rennegades Character Card: Warrior Orion by rennegades Character Card: Sailor Dorado by rennegades

And three Lined Character Card slots at [moneys] each

Senshi Exchange: Sailor Scarlet Emerald Hound by rennegades  Sailor Faunus by rennegades

  1. Unisamas-Art
  2. Unisamas-Art
  3. Unisamas-Art

I am also willing to do a comic page, but the price of that is $12/per hour with a $20 down payment, not a flat rate. I would be recording/streaming the entire process to keep accurate time.

Whoa, it's been awhile since I talked about the MEP, hasn't it? Like seven months while.

Well, with Task 17 no longer consuming my creativity, I'm back to working on the Constellation Senshi MEP. Some of the characters/players have left and we have some new ones, so I do have to go back through the list of people I have permission to use artwork from and rework a couple of the sections. Feels a little wild to be going back to it.

And there's seven months worth of new artwork to add to the pile of usable materials! Goodness, I'm getting all excited up in here.

But first. I need to go download some new fonts.
I've been pretty sick the last few days, so I'm a bit late on answering this tag...

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Benitoite Glacier Bear, tagged by WingsForDreams
I had a list for her at one point, but hell if I remember where I saved it. So here are a few random facts that I can remember off the top of my head.
  1. The first time that Ursula transformed into her Radiant form, her vitiligo spread across the back of her neck and along her shoulders.
  2. In response she hid in her room for a week (and refused to transform at all for three) afraid it would spread further. 
  3. She is extremely paranoid about how people will react to her natural coloring, and carries a make up kit with her wherever she goes to touch up any spots on the fly. 
  4. She is naturally blonde and blue eyed.
  5. Ursula is a "recovering" Homestuck.
  6. She has never owned a pet; Sollux the Pilik is the closest she's ever come, and she's pretty sure she's doing something wrong.
  7. She has a collection of almost 150 pairs of gloves.
  8. She actively hates bear related puns. Given that her name means She Bear Son of Bear, she's heard all of them waaaaaaaay too often.
Eight people to tag...

...all the ones I can think of have already been tagged/have a fact sheet up already.

I'll update if/when I find someone to tag with a character that hasn't been done yet~
I am going to view an apartment tonight.

This is incredibly exciting and also terrifying; I have never lived on my own, and my last attempt to live outside of my parents' home resulted in a mental break that left me thinking one of my closest friends and roommates was going to murder me. My early twenties were not a good time for me.

But it's been four years since the last serious break down, and after some pretty serious discussion of my mental and physical well being, I'm ready to give it another shot.

This also means that I need to finish paying off my loan because right now all of the money I can spare is going to that instead of rent. Mom keeps talking about how she'll pay it off for me, as it's at the same amount as my brother owed when he bought his first condo and she feels that it's "only fair" because she paid his student loans then.  The problem is that she wasn't retired when he bought his condo, and she is right now.

So I think I'll be posting a bunch of the old Nerd Loft product that I've still got hanging around the house and try to scrape together some of the funds to pay my debts that way.

Consider this your warning; starting tomorrow there's going to be a lot of jewelry and the like going up.

I'll also open up some more commissions and put some adopts together. Maybe even some of my paintings.
I'm about ready to cry, this is so frustrating

My tablet pen is refusing to work in the canvas area of Clip Studio Paint.

And only the canvas area of Clip Studio Paint. 

The canvas in Photoshop, Premiere, SAI, and goddamned MSPaint works just fine. I can use the pen to select tools and open files and do every other goddamned operation in Clip Studio Paint EXCEPT DRAW.

I haven't used any other program for the drawing part of my art shenanigans since May 2015. I don't want to have to relearn to use any of those other programs. I want to use Clip Studio Paint.

Oh wait, I can do one thing.

I can use the fill tool and the text tool.


It's been two weeks since the last MEPdate; I've been in a bad place mentally and pretty much all I've done in that time is play Sunset Overdrive. 

Did a bit of work today, although admittedly not much. There was some cropping and clean up work with the mandela, and then played with fonts and lyric timing. 
I have had very little access to my computer for the last week.

So while I sketched out some ideas for the next part to get it's edit on, I haven't had the ability to give it a shot to see if it would even work. 

There was a "professional development team building retreat" that was a mandatory part of the job; we went out to the mountains and had several meetings and a day long session about forecasting and it was all really quite lovely until the last hour of the last day that we were out there because things I can't talk about.

Anyways. I am just happy to be back home and not looking at and replying to things on mobile. I've got a lot to catch up on, so I probably won't be doing any editing tonight.

Oh well. these things happen.
I keep getting delayed in updating this, but right now I've got an energy drink in my system and I can actually focus and such.

I feel like I haven't done much of anything in the way of editing this week, as while I spent most of monday editing I haven't done anything over the rest of the week. This is mostly because Dex has developed a fear of the dark and he's been whining all night long, which leads to Ursa yipping, yelping, barking, and howling all night long and zip all in the way of sleep for the humans in the house. 

But anyways: I revised the credit sequence and intro as it was getting hella messy the way I'd done it originally. I also spent quite a bit of time working and reworking the lyrics into the video as well as the composition of various parts. I may have also spent almost three hours repeating the same two second section while I tried to get the vision in my head onto the screen.  I did actually succeed, so that's cool.

There are a couple more pieces in my MEPdate folder

Here's to hoping I actually get some editing time in this weekend. Also some sleep. We bought Dex a nightlight; it seemed to work last night.
Alright guys and gals, welcome to MEPdate #2!

Going by AOE time there is still approximately 11 hours until the cut off point for getting your character into the Constellation-Senshi MEP. Which should probably be called a MAP since it looks like I'm going to be the only editor, but I like they way MEP sounds better. So the cut off time is for storyboarding characters into the MEP. Until the video is posted you still have a chance to say "yes! I want my constellation in the video!", however I cannot guarantee that they will actually be in the video if you sign up after tonight's cut off.

There are currently 54 constellations participating in this madness, so thank you all of you! Ya'll are lovely and have done a fantastic job of distracting me from my day job because I cannot stop thinking about this ;)

That said: the Annual General Meeting for the foundation I work for was last night and I seem to have come away with a nasty bought of the flu in the wake of it. I've basically lost two days of editing to the meeting and the resulting illness, but that's just life some times. I'm posting this and then shuffling myself away from my computers and desk and the whole sitting up right thing. 

With the addition of twenty plus more Constellations to the MEP, I've had to rework how I'd planned to do the credits because as awesome as they were, they were also a lot messier. I'm currently flip flopping between two different ideas for how to do them (also-- at the start, or at the end of the video? decisions, decisions), and will hopefully get all that figured out this weekend.

If you are interested in seeing a bit of behind the scenes type things, I've started a folder where I will upload some storyboarding doodles and ideas I've had in regards to transitions and the like. There are currently only two images in it, but I've got half a dozen that I'm planning on uploading when my stomach stops trying to evacuate. You can find the folder here: