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Sailor Ammut [2004XR190] by rennegades Sailor Ammut [2004XR190] by rennegades
2004XR190, aka Sailor Ammut, aka the Devourer of Hearts, the Soul-Eater, the Great Death.  Ammut is an Unaligned Senshi of :icondwarf-alliance:, which leaves her in the position of "bad guy".

Ammut doesn't think of herself as a villain/bad guy. She's actually of the opinion that the leaders of the Alliance (Hurmuz, Varda, and Charon) are just about the vilest and most insidiously evil beings to have ever graced the face of universe. She, like the ancestor that originally broke with the Alliance, believes the Anaoshak Abeerah to be a corrupting influence, and the fact that Hurmuz, Varda, and Charon would take that power into themselves, and only themselves, instead of sharing the burden amongst all the members of the Alliance is concrete proof of that corrupting evil. 

Ammut was raised with this belief. It is the defining reason why she will never join the Alliance. 

It is also the reason she uses her powers to devour the corrupted souls of those that fall within the Alliance's protection. She will purge the darkness from their Heart Crystals and give them back to the Galaxy Cauldron to be born again. It is unfortunate that in doing so she literally eats Heart Crystals (and therefore kills her victims), as there are few who would see that as a good thing.

Ammut does not have a civilian name. She was raised to go to war with the Alliance, and a civilian name and life was considered a liability. This means she is socially awkward and fails to understand the minutia of life outside a battle field. 

Feather's Weight - Ammut's heart-stealing power. Almost exclusively used on civilians, as it requires a certain level of surprise/shock/unawareness that this is an attack and get out of the way dammit, that most Senshi can instinctively dodge.
Ivory Charge - Ammut uses her own body as a battering ram and runs at an opponent surrounded by a corona of energy (think DBZ), with the intent to tackle. Her top charging speed is 30 km/h

Some design notes: Ammut, the goddess for which Ammut is named, has the head of a crocodile with the mane of a lion.  I was going for the appearance of a mane when it came to Ammut's hair, and the dark stones on her tiara are meant to look like the eyes and nostrils of a crocodile. Her colors (orange and green) are also call backs to the painting of Ammut that is on her wikipedia page. Her broach and tiara "gem" are both made of tooled copper (concentric circles). 
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WanderingKotka Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
So cool!  I am digging both her palette (the oranges and greens fit Ammut perfectly) and her complex motivation.  Bad guys doing bad things for good reasons are always interesting to read.
rennegades Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
I find it more fun to write and play a character that isn't straight out dark and evil, so I'm glad to hear others are liking her motivations :D
HotaruThodt Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015   Digital Artist
Ooh! I'm liking her already. Do you think she would be a potential ally of Mordicus (considering Mordicus kind of killed Varda)? : D
rennegades Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
Ammut would delight in allying herself with Mordicus just based on the fact that Mordicus got close enough to attack Varda, let alone anything else. She might be a little thrown by the occult rituals and blood draining bit, but... well. She really doesn't have a leg to stand on since there's that whole eating Heart Crystals thing. Kinda a "you turn a blind eye, I'll turn a blind eye" deal, I think.
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September 18, 2015
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